School Mottos, Aims and Missions

School Mottos
Diligence Prudence Courtesy Thrift
Diligence : Being diligent in learning
Prudence : Speaking tactfully
Courtesy : Being respectful and modest
Thrift : Being economical and minimalistic
Our Aims
We take "fostering elites" as our objective. In order for our students to receive a balanced education in the moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic domains, we offer a diversified educational programme of high quality, including gifted child education, education in self-confidence, and health education, which enable our students to enjoy learning, so that they can grow and develop an eagerness to improve and contribute to our society in the future.
Our Missions
1. To carry out the school motto of "diligence, prudence, courtesy and thrift".
2. To create an environment full of care and a learning atmosphere for children that is conducive to achieving healthy physical and mental growth.
3. To create opportunities for students to display their potential and improve their self-confidence.
4. To foster the next generation with both ability and moral integrity, whilst excelling in the five domains of education for the benefit of the country and society.