School Ethos, Visions and Objectives

School Ethos
1. A simple school spirit, embodying amicable and harmonious relationships between teachers and students.
2. Students respect teachers and revere education, and treat others with courtesy.
3. Students have a confident and positive attitude towards life, and are self-assured in assuming responsibility.
Our Vision
Nurturing students into people with self-confidence and resolve, so that they can meet challenges with steely determination and a positive attitude.
Establishing self-confidence
Tapping into potential
Inspiring activity
Illuminating the future way of life
Our Objectives
1. To implement “Self-confidence Education”, aiming to train our students to be confident and independent individuals and developing their enthusiasm and determination.
2. To improve our students' ability to be biliterate and trilingual and foster their love for reading while promoting self-directed learning.
3. To train students to develop a healthy lifestyle in order to achieve holistic health.
4. To practise the "Three Excellents" philosophy
  Excellent psychological health of students
  Excellent staff
  Excellent classroom teaching
2023-2024 Short Term Goal
Develop critical and analytical thinking for moral and intellectual growth