Headmistress's Message

Leung Yee Wah

It is a great honour to take over as the headmistress of Kowloon Tong School (Primary Section) in the new school year. Under Headmistress Yeung Mee Kuen’s leadership, the school has continued to develop and improve. Now, as Headmistress Yeung starts a new chapter in her life, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to her for her excellent leadership over the years and for the mentoring and guidance she has given me.

For 20 years, I have worked at my alma mater at different levels and in different areas, such as subject management, curriculum reform, policy formulation, and even school development. The school's aims, mottos and educational mission have long been deeply embedded in my thoughts and actions at work. As the new headmistress, I have a long path ahead, and guiding the development of KTS has to be the primary mission. I also hope to contribute to my alma mater, by continuing the outstanding achievements of the former principals, and KTS’s philosophies and tradition of an excellent-run school that I have inherited.

In recent years, many different challenges and changes in the social environment and developments in education, as well as the ongoing Covid-19 situation have generated ever-changing factors, and a new normal in education continues to emerge. However, the vision and management policies set by the school over the years remain unchanged. Building on numerous solid foundation blocks and through the following points, I will lead KTS to continue developing:

  • Taking the core values of KTS as the basis for nurturing the characters of our students, injecting different moral elements into various areas of teaching, and striving to nurture students into people with good character, self-confidence and are independent.
  • With an innovative and forward-looking vision, all departments are up-to-date with international social and economic trends, and are in line with the requirements of the EDB and the needs of the world. They are to explore different learning platforms for students, display students’ talents, and enrich their learning experience. They are also committed to nurturing students with the concepts of self-confidence, independent learning and a healthy school, so that they can become good citizens with an international perspective and leaders in society.
  • Ensuring the professional quality of the teaching staff and adhering to the “Three Excellents” philosophy (students, school staff and teaching), so that the school as a base for transferring knowledge and the school's development will improve to an even higher level.
  • Develop various resources for the school, including the installation of software and hardware for teaching purposes and the school, and help the school continue developing in the long run. Along with the daily changes in innovation and technology, various I.T. components will also be strengthened to help students keep moving forward in a learning environment that is constantly innovating. At the same time, also being committed to maintaining the beautiful surroundings of the campus of KTS, so that students can have a happy and rich student life.

To fulfil the above stated direction of development, I expect the following from children of KTS in the future:

  • It is expected that KTS students will love learning, have a positive and independent attitude to learning, engage fully in campus life, and will have and pursue their own dreams, as they move bravely forward on the road to growth.
  • It is expected that KTS students possess correct values and lead a healthy life. Whether it is self-cultivation, family unity, governance of the country, bringing peace to the world, however lofty the students’ aspirations are, or however big their ambitions are in the future, while acquiring knowledge, they must start with personal development, such as diligence, perseverance, responsibility, carefulness, sincerity, honesty, respect, care, distinguishing right from wrong and other core values, as well as a healthy and positive outlook on life, as the basic factors for growth in life.

Parents are valued at KTS. We attach great importance to home-school cooperation and parenting programmes, so that the school can become the support system for parents and nurture children together. In fact, we have seen from many cases that when parents and teachers communicate sincerely and pragmatically, and establish a relationship of mutual trust, the objective of home-school cooperation can fully play out, and the learning process and behaviour of the children improves, which then helps them grow healthily. Therefore, while KTS supports the parents, we also hope that parents will identify with and support KTS’s various policies and philosophies.

In addition, KTS has a history of more than 80 years and a lot of graduates. I am happy to see that KTS alumni have a strong sense of belonging to their alma mater. What is even more gratifying is that alumni of different ages have been able to shine in society. Some of them have become members of the elite, leaders, or excelled in different areas of society, but all contribute to society. Therefore, I sincerely hope that alumni of each cohort can use their professional talents to give back to their alma mater, and help their alma mater find resources to benefit their younger schoolmates and help develop the school further.

For more than 80 years, KTS has received recognition and support from different parts of society due to the enthusiasm shown by the school board of directors in the running of the school. Many thanks to all the school managers for their selfless dedication and support over the years that has enabled KTS to develop from a regional primary school to a much sought-after school in Hong Kong in recent years. Although the social environment will continue to change in the future, in the spirit of inheriting the past and leading the future, and with the above points, I will take both school affairs and students’ achievements to the next level, and KTS will reach a new height. The road to educating people is not an easy one. I hope that the KTS team, parents and alumni will encourage and support each other, and carefully nurture the children of KTS, so they can grow up healthily and become pillars of the country.