Gifted Education Programme

The primary objectives of our school-based Gifted Education Programme are twofold:
a. To nurture our gifted students and to enhance their creativity and thinking skills in the four linguistic domains
b. To encourage cooperative learning among students
Mode of Implementation:
a. English Programmes In Friday Classes For Advanced Students
  Course Titles:
  i) Talented Thinkers
    Programme Type:
A reading and writing enrichment programme after regular school hours
    Target Level:
Primary Four
    Course Objectives:
    To explore and enhance students' creativity, critical thinking, and collaborative and leadership skills in reading and writing through various challenging tasks that require investigation, problem solving and decision making, in accordance with their linguistic competence or interests.
  ii) Progressive Writing Course
    Programme Type:
A writing programme after regular school hours
    Target Level:
Primary Five
    Course Objectives:
i) To improve and arouse students' interests in the techniques and proficiency involved in expressing their intentions and thoughts as dynamic writers.
ii) To also nurture and cultivate their creative flair using several distinct writing styles.
b. English Society
  The English Society provides the opportunity for more able students to work in groups, collaborate with others and critically analyze information.
To add another level of interactive learning through English Society, teachers have designed challenging tasks that involve working as a group with each individual playing a different role.
  The emphasis will be placed on improving oral skills through fun impromptu speaking activities. There will be some written work from time to time.
  Target Level: Primary Three to Four.
Mode of Implementation:

A 20-minute session during lunch break
(about 9 to 12 sessions per school year)

Instructors: School NETS:
  Mr Hawkins
Mr Farag
  Mr Keylock
Mr Padley
c. English Ambassadors
KTS has English ambassadors who speak to the younger students while they are taking part in the activities during lunchtime.
The ambassadors are chosen from P4-6 and their main role is to motivate their schoolmates to learn and enjoy English through fun activities, especially on Language Days.
This has the effect of building up our students' self-confidence and giving them occasions and the tools to achieve a higher level of competence in English.
Target Levels:
Primary Four to Six